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In J&K encounter two Army personnel killed among with JCO

 The two succumbed to their injuries after an encounter with terrorists in Nar Khas forest area of Poonch district Two Army personnel, including a junior commissioned officer (JCO), were killed in an encounter with terrorists in Jammu and Kashmir's Poonch district, officials said on Friday, October 15, 2021. Also read: States warned of ‘aggressive’ infiltration by terrorists along Afghan border According to a defence spokesperson, the JCO and a jawan were critically injured during a counter-terrorist operation in the Nar Khas forest area in Mendhar sub-division on Thursday evening. Both of them succumbed to their injuries subsequently. The operation is ongoing, he added. ALSO READ - Mars rocks collected by Perseverance boost case for ancient life While the body of the jawan has been retrieved, that of the JCO is yet to be retrieved from the area, the spokesperson said. Efforts are on to retrieve the body, he said, adding that the area is mountainous and the forest is dense, which m

Top reasons to avoid sugar

  Top reasons to avoid sugar Sugar intake is good for health but if you are consuming it too much then it is harmful for your body. Sugar is necessary in our body as carbohydrates (carbs) is essential for the human body. It is a form of carbs and carbs are complex sugar. Our body cells work on this complex sugar and convert it into the simple form that is glucose.  When we take extra sugar then the extra glucose is stored in the form of glycogen and in emergency this glycogen is converted into Glucose and our body use this for energy. But anything in access can harm us too. So when the sugar intake is increased unnecessarily then it will cause some disease.  1. Extra intake of sugar can cause fat in our body. That unnecessary fat can cause laziness, and no doubt fat is the house of diseases.  2. Sometimes extra intake of sugar can harm our skin. Like we take sweet dishes, with some trans fat which is very harmful for our body. 3. For diabetes patients sugar is like poison if they take

Healthy Eating Adds Up to a Healthy Heart

 Settling on quality food decisions can be overpowering, particularly if cash is tight. Great nourishment is at the center of good wellbeing and decreasing danger of cardiovascular infection, like coronary illness and stroke. "Eating delightful feeding suppers on a careful spending plan is conceivable, particularly with a couple of key tips to simplify it," says Bridget Wojciak, head of sustenance and dietetics at Kroger Health, a public patron of the American Heart Association's Healthy for Good activity. Preparing can help your dollar go further.The American Heart Association has created tips to help families shop, eat and cook better suppers on a careful spending plan.  Make a rundown. Plan your menu early so you spend your cash on what you truly need. Attempt topic evenings, for example, without meat Monday or Taco Tuesday.  Go frozen. New foods grown from the ground are frozen at their pinnacle readiness, so they're however delectable as they may be new, will not