Mars rocks collected by Perseverance boost case for ancient life

  NASA's Perseverance Mars rover has now collected two rock samples, with signs that they were in contact with water for a long period of time boosting the case for ancient life on the Red Planet. "It looks like our first rocks reveal a potentially habitable sustained environment," said Ken Farley, project scientist for the mission, in a statement Friday. "It's a big deal that the water was there for a long time." The six-wheeled robot collected its first sample, dubbed "Montdenier" on September 6, and its second, "Montagnac" from the same  rock  on September 8. Both samples, slightly wider than a pencil in diameter and about six centimeters long, are now stored in sealed tubes in the rover's interior. ALSO, READ- India's first Paralympic Gold in shooting won by Avani Lekhara A first attempt at collecting a  sample  in early August failed after the rock proved too crumbly to withstand Perseverance's drill. The rover has been o

RBI's Monetary Policy 2021-22

RBI's Monetary Policy 2021-22

The repo rate has been kept at 4 percent. The reverse repo rate or the central bank's borrowing has been unchanged at 3.35 percent

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Monetary Policy has kept the financing costs unaltered. The repo rate has been kept at 4%. The reverse repo rate or the national bank's getting has been unaltered at 3.35 percent. Experts prior anticipated that RBI is probably going to keep the strategy rates unaltered and keep up accommodative position in the midst of the developing vulnerability over the COVID-19 pandemic. The apprehensions of firming swelling likewise ceased the RBI MPC from fiddling with the loan fees on June 4. "The MPC was of the view that at this crossroads, strategy support from all sides is needed to recapture the force of development that was apparent in H2:2020-21 and to sustain the recuperation after it has flourished," said RBI Governor Shaktikanta Das while declaring the choices. 

This is the 6th time in succession that RBI has kept the benchmark rates unaltered, in clear reaction to the exigencies of the COVID-19 pandemic vulnerabilities. 

The national bank has additionally projected genuine GDP development of 9.5 percent for this monetary year, which is lower contrasted with the prior gauge of 10.5 percent because of the effect of the second Covid wave. 

According to the total national output (GDP) gauges government delivered recently, the economy shrunk by 7.3 percent in the monetary year 2020-21, while the agribusiness area saw the development of 3.6 percent, and the administrations and industry areas shrunk by 8.4 percent and seven percent individually. 

The Reserve Bank has cut its key loaning rates for example repo rate by 115 premise focuses since March 2020 to pad the economy from the consequential convulsion of Covid. 

The retail expansion has additionally facilitated a three-month low of 4.29 percent on the record of decrease in food costs like vegetables and cereals, as per government information. 

The RBI in its every other month money-related strategy audit in April 2021 focused on the retail expansion at 5.2 percent in the main portion of the current financial 2021-22 and inside the two - six percent band in the medium term. 

RBI Governor additionally said that the national bank will open a unique liquidity window of Rs 15,000 crore till March 30, 2022, with tenors of as long as three years at the repo rate.


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