Mars rocks collected by Perseverance boost case for ancient life

  NASA's Perseverance Mars rover has now collected two rock samples, with signs that they were in contact with water for a long period of time boosting the case for ancient life on the Red Planet. "It looks like our first rocks reveal a potentially habitable sustained environment," said Ken Farley, project scientist for the mission, in a statement Friday. "It's a big deal that the water was there for a long time." The six-wheeled robot collected its first sample, dubbed "Montdenier" on September 6, and its second, "Montagnac" from the same  rock  on September 8. Both samples, slightly wider than a pencil in diameter and about six centimeters long, are now stored in sealed tubes in the rover's interior. ALSO, READ- India's first Paralympic Gold in shooting won by Avani Lekhara A first attempt at collecting a  sample  in early August failed after the rock proved too crumbly to withstand Perseverance's drill. The rover has been o

NITI AAYOG's SDG report 2020-21: kerala topped

NITI AAYOG's SDG report 2020-21: kerala topped

 KERALA has held the high level in Niti Aayog's SDG India Index 2020-21, while BIHAR has been declared as the most noticeably awful entertainer, as indicated by a report delivered on June 3 

The Index for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) assesses the progress of states and association domains on friendly, financial, and ecological boundaries. 

The country's generally SDG score improved by 6 — from 60 of every 2019 to 66 out of 2020-21. 

This positive step towards accomplishing the objectives is generally determined by commendable country-wide execution in clean water and disinfection, and reasonable and clean energy, the Niti Aayog said in an explanation. 

KERALA held its position as the top state with a score of 75. Both Himachal Pradesh and Tamil Nadu required the second spot with a score of 74. 

BIHAR, JHARKHAND, and ASSAM were the most exceedingly awful performing states in the current year's list. 

The third interpretation of India's SDG Index was dispatched by Niti Aayog bad habit director Rajiv Kumar. 

Further, CHANDIGARH kept up its best position among the association regions (UTs) with a score of 79, trailed by DELHI (68). 

MIZORAM, HARYANA, and UTTARAKHAND were the top gainers in 2020-21 as far as progress in score from 2019, with an increment of 12, 10, and 8 focuses, separately. 

Under the wellbeing area objectives, GUJARAT and DELHI were the top entertainers among the states and the UTs, separately. 

Under the objective of QUALITY EDUCATION, KERALA and CHANDIGARH were the top entertainers among the states and UTs, separately. 

Under the objective of NO POVERTY, TAMIL NADU and DELHI were the best entertainers among the states and UTs, separately. 

Under the objective of REDUCED INEQUALITIES, MEGHALAYA and CHANDIGARH (Achiever, with an Index score of 100) arose as the best entertainers among the states and UTs. 

Niti Aayog CEO Amitabh Kant said, "The report ponders the organizations we have assembled and fortified during our SDG endeavors. The account illuminates how community drives can bring about better results and more prominent effects." 

First dispatched in December 2018, the file has become the essential device for observing advancement on the SDGs in the country and has all the while cultivated contest among the states and association regions by positioning them on the worldwide objectives. 

The record, created in a joint effort with the United Nations in India, gauges the advancement at the public and sub-public level in the nation's excursion towards meeting the worldwide objectives and targets. It has been fruitful as a support device to engender the messages of supportability, flexibility, and associations too. 

From covering 13 objectives, 39 targets, and 62 markers in the principal version in 2018-19 to 17 objectives, 54 targets, and 100 pointers in the second; this third release of the record covers 17 objectives, 70 targets, and 115 pointers. 

The SDGs, comprised through a remarkable consultative interaction, has 17 objectives and 169 related focuses to be accomplished by 2030. 

The objectives are a driven responsibility by world pioneers who set out a widespread and extraordinary plan which accepts financial, ecological, and social parts of the prosperity of social orders.


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