Mars rocks collected by Perseverance boost case for ancient life

  NASA's Perseverance Mars rover has now collected two rock samples, with signs that they were in contact with water for a long period of time boosting the case for ancient life on the Red Planet. "It looks like our first rocks reveal a potentially habitable sustained environment," said Ken Farley, project scientist for the mission, in a statement Friday. "It's a big deal that the water was there for a long time." The six-wheeled robot collected its first sample, dubbed "Montdenier" on September 6, and its second, "Montagnac" from the same  rock  on September 8. Both samples, slightly wider than a pencil in diameter and about six centimeters long, are now stored in sealed tubes in the rover's interior. ALSO, READ- India's first Paralympic Gold in shooting won by Avani Lekhara A first attempt at collecting a  sample  in early August failed after the rock proved too crumbly to withstand Perseverance's drill. The rover has been o

Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme 2021-22 Series

Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme 2021-22 Series 

The Government of India, in discussion with the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), has chosen to give Sovereign Gold Bonds in six tranches from May 2021 to September 2021. The Sovereign Gold Bond (SGB) conspire was dispatched in November 2015 with a goal to decrease the interest for actual gold and shift a piece of the homegrown reserve funds - utilized for the acquisition of gold - into monetary investment funds. 

Here are a few realities with respect to sovereign gold bond: 

# Sovereign gold bonds are given by the RBI for the public authority. 

# They are government protections named in grams of gold. They are substitutes for holding actual gold. 

# The sovereign gold bond conspire was dispatched in November 2015. 

# Its goal is to lessen the interest for actual gold and shift a piece of the homegrown investment funds (utilized for the acquisition of gold) into monetary reserve funds. 

# Term: The gold bonds accompany a development time of eight years, with a choice to leave the venture after the initial five years. 

# Interest Rate: A fixed pace of 2.5% per annum is material on the plan, payable semi-yearly. 

•The interest on Gold Bonds will be available according to the arrangement of the Income Tax Act, 1961. 

•Channels to purchase bonds: 

# Investors can purchase these bonds through assigned planned business banks (aside from Small Finance Banks and Payment Banks), Stock Holding Corporation of India Limited, and assigned mail depots. 

# One can likewise purchase these bonds through the National Stock Exchange of India Limited and Bombay Stock Exchange(BSE) Limited. 

# The base reasonable venture unit is 1 gram of gold. 

•Advantages of putting resources into gold bond: 

# Sovereign gold securities are viewed as one of the better methods of putting resources into gold as alongside capital appreciation a financial backer gets a fixed pace of interest. 

# Apart from this, it is charge proficient as no capital additions are charged if there should arise an occurrence of reclamation on development. 

# Sovereign gold bonds are a decent method to guarantee speculation that doesn't require an actual capacity of the gold. 

•Disadvantages of sovereign gold bonds: 

# This is a drawn-out venture, dissimilar to actual gold which can be sold right away. 

# Sovereign gold bonds are recorded on trade however the exchanging volumes are not high, accordingly it will be hard to exit before development.


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